Corporate Profile

      Wonder Cement is a cutting-edge cement manufacturing company with an ambition to establish itself as a dominant player in the industry. Enriched with the heritage of the R.K. Marble Group, a leading name in the marble industry, our corporate culture is built on the values of quality, trust and transparency. An emphasis on technology superiority enables us to differntiate our offering through impeccable quality and effective communication. With an extensive network of dealers, we endeavor to earn a place in the premium segment of the market.

Out Plant

      Located in Nimbahera, District Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, ours is one of the fully automated plant in India with a capacity to produce 6.75 Million Tonnes per annum. Our state of the art manufacturing unit was established in technical collaboration with Thyssenkrupp and Pfeiffer Ltd., the world leaders in cement technology, and it produces cement at per with international standards. Special efforts are taken to ensure that the plant upholds the latest environmental norms and with the help of a reverse air bag house, ESP and a number of nuisance bag filters, the plant remains clean & dust free.
      Wonder Cement has ambitious palnts to expand its current capacity to 10 Million Tonnes by setting up a Third Production Line and Split Grinding Units for which land and layouts are ready.

Manufacturing & Testing Facilities

Fully Automatic Quality Control Lab

      Polab-equipped with XRF and XRD (X Ray Flouenscence & X-Ray Diffraction) ARL and Particle Size Analyzer (Malvern) for better control of consistency in raw mix is installed and STATISTICAL QUALITY CONTROL (SQC) implemented for the first time in india by us at Wonder Cement.
      Cross Belt Analyzer has the world’s best Combi CBA plus CAN technology to provide online quality control for time stone. Wonder Cement is the first comany to introduce this technology in India.


      Robotic Technology is used for sample preparation, this eliminates shift to shift fluctuations in analytical levels due to small differences in the practical procedures, thus eliminating the human errors.

Superior Lime Stone & Other Raw Material

  • Only the choicest ingredients find their way into a pack Wonder Cement. Major support comes from the finest quality lime stone reserves in Bhatkotari Mines (Chittorgarh District).
  • Limestone of Wonder Cement has Low Alkali, Low Chloride, Low C3A, due to which it becomes easier to produce best quality High Performance Cement.

Draconian Quality Control

       The X-Ray analyzer gives an instant and accurate composition of cement at various points in production. Chemical composition of entire raw material is consistently monitored every minute through “Online Cross Belt Analyzer (GAMMA METRICS)” which helps in achieving consistent quality of raw mix.

A High Performance Cement (Strength With Durubility)

      Unlike what we were made to believe, strength is just one part of the many features cement can have, and henceWonder Cement has gone on to pack more value into its performance, through research, dedication, expertise and a thorough study of the construction needs. At the end of the day we are proud to bring for you a world class cement that not only surpasses most of its Indian counterparts but is also acknowledged as one of the finest in the world, reason enough for many Engineers,Architects, Builders, Contractors, Masons & Individuals to switch over to Wonder Cement.

Product With Exceptional Qualities

High Compressive Strength

  • Due to High Comporessive Strngth in cement, the lower quantity requirement delivers better strength than other brands.
  • Due to High Early Strength not only shuttering cost is substantially saved, but also speedy construction is achieved.

High Fineness & Controlled Particle Size Distribution

  • Due to better Particle Size Distribution, strength in cement is gained fast.
  • High Fineness and controlled PSD results into impervious concrete, which obviously helps in achieving high strength and durable concrete.

Low Alkali

      It’s a boon to lime stone of Wonder Cement that alkali content is very low, which result in prevention of Alkali Aggergate Reaction, which helps in achievng durable concrete.

Low Chloride

      Due to very Low Chloride content in Wonder, corrosoin in reinforcement is prevented which leads to concrete durability.

Low C3A (Tri Calcium Aluminate)

      Due to very C3A content in Wonder Cement, it becomes Moderate Sulphate Resistant, which ensures durable concrete, and low C3A is very essential, where soil contains High Sulphate.

Wonder OPC

     Quality of Wonder OPC is considered to be the best in construction industry due to its finest quality of Clinker. Its grinding and testing is done using state of the art technology and latest machineries i.e. Roller Press, High Efficiency Separators, X-Ray Analyzer and Robotic Lab, etc.

Wonder OPC- 43 Grade

The Ideal Applications Include –
  1. All kinds of Multi storeyed Residential, Commercial & Industrial Buildings.
  2. Pre-Cast units viz: Prestressed & Hume pipes, Concrete Poles,etc.
  3. Bridges, Roads, Runways, Power Plants,etc.
  4. Heavy Foundation Works.

Wonder OPC – 53 Grade

The Ideal Applications Include
  1. All kinds of Multi storeyed Resisdential, Commerical & Industrial Buildings.
  2. Pre-Cast units viz: Prestressed & Hume pipes, Concrete Poles,etc.
  3. Bridges, Roads, Runway, Power Plants, etc.
  4. Heavy Foundation Works.

Wonder PPC

      Wonder PPC with its C3S in Clinker, high reactive pozzolonic material & controlled particle size distribution achieves cement with high compressive strength and low heat of hydration, which further helps in achieving better finish and durable structure.

The Ideal Applications Include

  1. Residential and Commerical Buildings.
  2. Plaster and Masonary Works.
  3. RRC Columns, Beams, Slabs, etc.
  4. Dams, Bridge, Roads, Industrial Buildings, etc.

Wonder Cement Offices

Corporate Office

17, Old Fatehpura, Near Seva Mandir,
Udaipur, Rajesthan – 313004.
Tel: +91-294-33991133
Email: headoffice@wondercement.com

Plant Office

R. K. Nagar, Tehsil – Nimbahera,
District – Chittorgarh, Rajasthan – 312602.
Tel: +91-1477-307000
Email: plant.nbh@wondercement.com

Registered Office

Makrana Road, Madangani, Kishangarh,
District – Ajmer, Rajesthan – 305801.
Tel: +91-1463-301100
Email: redg.office@wondercement.com

Central Marketing Office

5th Floor, Celebration Mall, 
Opp. Devendra Dham,
Bhuvana, Udaipur, Rajasthan – 313004.
Tel: +91-294-3006400
Email: headoffice@wondercement.com

Regional Marketing offices


402, 4th Floor, Shail’s Mall,
Behind Girish Cold Drinks,
C. G. Road, Navrangpura,
Ahmedadad, Gujarat – 380009.
Tel: +91-79-33991133
Email: rmo.gujrat@wondercement.com


1205-1208, 12th Floor,
Indraprakash Building,
21 Barakhamba Road,
New Delhi – 110001.
Tel: +91-11-33991133
Email: cmo.delhi@wondercement.com


401A, 4th Floor, Airen Heights,
Plot No. 13-14, Scheme No. 54,UP-3,
A. B. Road, Opposite C 21 Mall, Indore,
Madhya Pradesh – 452001.
Tel: +91-731-33991133
Email: rmo.mp@wondercement.com


408-410, 4th Floor, Gaurav Tower ll,
Rajasthan – 302017.
Tel: +91-141-33991133,
Email – rmo.raj@wondercement.com

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