What Will Transportation Look Like In 30 Years?

What Will Transportation Look Like In 30 Years?
By Bradley Dunn
Artistic rendering of all modes of transportation inside San Francisco

What will transportation look like in 30 years? Give us your thoughts at a hands-on workshop for ConnectSF, San Francisco’s multi-agency long-range transportation planning effort.  Many of the transportation challenges of today are rooted in the long-term planning decisions of the past.  As we plan for the future, we need your help to identify project and policy ideas as we look to build a transportation system that will serve San Francisco best.
ConnectSF is a multi-agency collaborative process to build an effective, equitable, and sustainable transportation system for San Francisco’s future. ConnectSF will identify policies and major transportation investments that will help us reach our priorities, goals, and aspirations as a city.
In the previous phase of work, the ConnectSF program established a 50-year vision for San Francisco. Collaboratively developed with the community, the program’s Futures Task Force and leadership from City agencies, the Vision depicts San Francisco as a growing, diverse, and equitable city with a multitude of transportation options that are available and affordable to all.
Unfortunately, our analysis in our Statement of Needs shows that planned transportation investments and policies will not achieve the ConnectSF Vision by 2050.  Without new investments and policies, San Francisco will not meet the equity, environmental sustainability and economic vitality goals articulated in the Vision.
How do we decide what to invest in? The upcoming workshops are part of the effort to plan for those future investments. We need your help to identify transformative project concepts and policies for the city’s streets, freeways and transit network. Those improvements will help address San Francisco’s transportation needs and move the city closer to the vision for the future.
You can RSVP for our workshop at the Park Branch Library Community Room on Saturday, February 8, from 2 to 4 p.m. here. Or you can RSVP to join us on Thursday, February 13 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Mission Cultural Center.  Food will be provided. Interpretation will be provided in Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino.
Can’t make it to any of the workshops? We have developed a brief, online survey that closely mirrors the discussion at the workshops.

Published February 06, 2020 at 01:54AM

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