Get Out and Get Going on Bike to Wherever Day, May 21

Get Out and Get Going on Bike to Wherever Day, May 21
By Pamela Johnson

Heading out to run an errand, meeting friends, taking in the sights at the Botanical Garden or Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park (both now open) or getting a bite to eat? On May 21, join people across the city bicycling for this year’s annual Bike to Work Day event in the form of Bike to Wherever Day.

Image of person riding a bicycle

Bike to Wherever day is a celebration of bicycles as a fun and healthy way to get around the city, hosted by The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition encouraging people to pedal to their destinations for the day. The event promotes the bicycle both as an alternative commute and as a healthy and safe alternative to driving to…wherever!

The SFMTA encourages everyone, including those who don’t usually bike, to get out and bike on this special day.  After grabbing a bike (your own or a bikeshare bike), stop by one of the 12 energizer stations that will be hosted citywide as you get going around town. There, you can pick up your free Bike to Work Day canvas tote bag, filled with goodies and collectibles, courtesy of the SF Bicycle Coalition.

Resources to Help You Plan Your Bicycle Trip

The SFMTA has developed handy resources to help you plan your bicycle trips.  Visit the interactive bike network map, that highlights recommended routes and shows bikeshare station locations. At our Get Out, Get Going website you can find an interactive multi-mode map with information about other sustainable ways to get you to your destination that you could pair with your bicycle trip, including walking and using shared mobility devices, like a scooter or moped.

Like never before, people are riding bicycles all across San Francisco. The SFMTA supports sustainable transportation modes like the use of bicycles, especially for everyday travel. To help meet the needs of an increasing number of people riding bicycles in San Francisco, we support bicycling by building dedicated bike lanes around the city, and by making streets safer and more comfortable for bicycling. We also implemented the Slow Streets Program with nearly 30 new corridors implemented since the start of the pandemic as a way to limit traffic on certain residential streets to be used as a shared space for people traveling by foot and by bicycle.

The SFMTA is proud to sponsor Bike to Wherever Day, San Francisco’s favorite biking holiday.  Be sure to check out the history of walking and bicycling in San Francisco through the years. Remember when bicycling on Bike to Whenever Day to ride predictably by following rules of the road and to have fun.

Published May 20, 2021 at 08:29PM

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